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Namibia ATC?

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Hello everyone.


I am very excited to be here and hope to get flying soon.


I just wanted to find out if there are in fact any ATC Services for Namibia?

I read another post about Cross Africa flights that mentioned flight from London

ending in amongst other Windhoek.


As I am new to this environment and the FSInn Client, I would like to start

off with my first flight in a low traffic environment to get to know the client

and get a feel for things. I am hoping to make my first flight in the PMDG 737 NGX,

from FYWB (Walvisbay) to FYWH (Windhoek).


Hoping to hear from you soon.


Kind Regards

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Hello Hendrik,


Namibian airspace in part of VATSAF. There is however very little traffic there and Johannesburg and Cape Town gets most of the coverage as that is where the action is.


You are invited to join us on the VATSAF teamspeak in the evenings and who knows, if we can get some interest going in the airspace, we will staff it for you.




Deon Mathews

VATSAF - Deputy Director

Deon Mathews

VATSIM Marketing & Communications Team




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