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Aircraft Situation Editor and holding a heading

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I programmed so planes and their routes. On a departure that has instructions to maintain runway heading, expect vectors, I cant get p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed how to do this. I am using Euroscope and as soon as the plane gets airborne it wants to turn to its planned route. I need it to maintain rwy heading until the departure controller give instructions to do so. Is there a way of doing this in the ASE?

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You could try to find a waypoint that is on the same "extended centerline" as the runway heading you are using even if it is 100nm away. The farthest you go, the less precise it needs to be. Then you can have the flightplan route and the actual flown route as intended.

Miguel Frias

Senior Instructor (I3) & Certified Pilot (P4), ZLA I-11 graduate

Portugal vACC Training Director (ACCPT2), VATEUD Operations Director (VATEUD8)



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