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Without a screenshot and/or reproduction of the actual message... I can think of two possibilities here:


1) It wasn't a supervisor; it was a normal controller. If you enter controlled airspace and fail to contact the appropriate controller, the controller client software have a feature commonly referred to as "contactme". It sends the pilot a private message that instructs him/her to contact the controller and includes the controller's frequency.


2) It was a supervisor, and for some reason the supervisor decided a voice chat would be preferable and PRIM'd up on an unused frequency so that your pilot client would detect it as a controller and allow you to join the "controller's" voice room when tuned to that frequency (yes, I've seen this once before, though not sure if this is normally permissible by SUP standards). He/she then sent you the aforementioned "contactme" message.


Either way, sounds like he/she picked a frequency that can't be normally tuned (not even sure if the ".com1" keyboard shortcut would work..?).

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Yea a Supervisor wouldn't ask you to contact you on a specific frequency unless it was on accident. Perhaps it was a Supervisor asking you to contact ATC on a specific frequency, which is significantly different.


To Bradley, 126.660 is a perfectly valid ATC frequency, so perhaps the Supervisor was primed up on a controller's frequency (again not sure why) and accidentally sent a contact me request.

Brad Lee



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To Bradley, 126.660 is a perfectly valid ATC frequency
No, it is not. I invite you to show me a screenshot of a flight simulator of your choice (FSX, FS9, X-Plane, Prepar3d, etc.) with an aircraft's COM radio tuned to 126.66 and not 126.65 or 126.67 (or, more appropriately, 126.675 if it shows the third (unspoken) digit) using the tuning knobs or other normal input mechanism for that radio.
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