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Aerosoft Airbus Extended Tip

John Wiesenfeld

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It took a little head banging, but I discovered that it's not enough to power up the APU from a cold start, but also TURN ON THE BATTERIES in order for vPilot to recognize that the radios have been turned on. Yes, the radio panel will illuminate on the APU alone and you'll be able to select frequencies and those frequencies will be reflected in vPilot, but the logic that determines whether the radios will actually transmit or receive requires that the batteries be on.


I'm not sure if this is also true on other aircraft. I'm just happy I got this far.


Great job Ross. We all owe you so much for your dedicated service to the VATSIM community.




PS One minor feature request. Would it be possible to get a brief tone out of the headset on PTT activation? There's no feedback now, other than the buzzer which tells you if you're off frequency.

John Wiesenfeld

ZNY - C1

FAA IFR/SEL in a galaxy long ago and far away

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