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Rule set updates published 5/6/14

Ross Carlson

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Good news.


I've also noticed the the rules for Lufthansa are missing (callsign DLH). I added them on my side but it would be nice to include them in a future release.

Here are the lines to add:

  <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="A318" ModelName="F1UT2_320.LH.LH" />
 <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="A333" ModelName="F1UT2_333.LH.LH" />
 <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="A343" ModelName="F1UT2_343.LH.LH" />
 <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="B733" ModelName="F1UT2_733.LH.LH" />
 <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="B738" ModelName="F1UT2_733.LH.LH.No Eyebrows" />
 <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="B744" ModelName="F1UT2_744.LH.LH.SCD" />

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