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B747, B767, B727...

Herby GORE 1217546

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Yesterday, I came accross a plane with a "B747" typecode and noticed that it was not recognised by vpilot. I'm aware that "B747" is not a valid typecode but I think this is a common mistake. After looking at the modele matching rules, I noticed that this typecode is not in the "SimilarAircraftTypes.txt". I added this typecode and, by the way, added B707, B727, B748, B757, B767.

I read in another topic that the "SimilarAircraftTypes.txt" file will be overwritten when updating vpilot to a newer version. How to be sure to keep those modifications? Is it possible to include them to the "SimilarAircraftTypes.txt" file before releasing a new version?

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