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vPilot Audio Help

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So I'm flying with vPilot... I get a message from a controller to contact me, awesome! First time getting to use voice on vPilot. So I tune him up and hit my PTT and state my position and altitude. I hear a very soft voice come back, barely audible. I have voice set to 50% in vPilot so I decide, let's turn him up! So I move the volume slider to 100% and ask to repeat last. Again, soft voice, barely audible. I state I'm barely able to hear him and to relay via text.


I go into windows mixer and turn down the volume of the sim and turn up the volume of vPilot. The next instructions from the controller are again, barely audible.


What am I doing wrong? Why aren't I able to hear ATC more than a mutter? Is there something I'm missing? vPilot is great but without being able to hear ATC I'm feeling a little depressed and unable to quantify flying with vPilot because of it.

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Same issue, either Wave or Direct, which Direct being a little louder to me is still pretty quiet. I have all sliders, on my system and in the program turned all the way up.

Any software edit we can do to "boost" volume? At the moment I am having to have engine, cockpit sounds all turned down lower than I like, and have headphone volume way too high to make sure I don't miss something.


Thanks and thanks OP for bringing this up!

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