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PlugIn - Display Elements

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Hey guys,


you feld the urge to show and hide several elements (SIDs, MRVA, Fixes, Airways) on your screen with only one command? With the PlugIn Display Elements it becomes pretty simple.


Version 1.0.2 is fully compatible with the new EuroScope Version 3.2.


Download: http://es-pluginworld.nilshillmann.de/projects/dispelem/files



- download the attached DLL file

- load DLL file

- allow PlugIn to draw on "Standard ES radar screen"



- open ASR file with which you would like to use the PlugIn

- at the end of this file add the PlugIns configuration


used commands will be separated by ':' this way:

PLUGIN:Display Elements:commands:.command1:.command2:.command3:...


the commands defined above are set in detail like this:

PLUGIN:Display Elements:.command1:DisplayElementID:LeadingCharacters{:DisplayElementID2:LeadingCharacters2}


DisplayElementID is a number which points to the group of elements which you want to show / hide:

1 = VORs
   2 = NDBs // does not work due to technical problems
   3 = Airports
   4 = Runways
   5 = Fixes
   6 = Stars
   7 = Sids
   8 = Low airways
   9 = High airways
   10 = ARTCC high boundary
   11 = ARTCC boundary
   12 = ARTCC low boundary
   13 = Geo
   14 = Free Text
   15 = Airspace
   16 = Position
   17 = SidsStars
   18 = Radars
   19 = Regions


With LeadingCharacters you can indicate a string. All elements of the elements group whose name start with these characters are shown / hidden. LeadingCharacters must not be empty. If you want to select all elements, you shall LeadingCharacters shall contain *.

Do you want to show 2 element groups with one command (e. g. Geo and Free Text for MRVA-sectors with designation) the second group can facultatively be set after the first on considering the same rules.


Examples (EDWW_1213a.sct):

PLUGIN:Display Elements:commands:.sidseddt:.st[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ddp26:.mrva:.lairw
PLUGIN:Display Elements:.sidseddt:7:EDDT //displays all SIDS of EDDT
PLUGIN:Display Elements:.st[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ddp26:6:EDDP / 26 //displays all STARS of EDDP for Rwy 26 L/R
PLUGIN:Display Elements:.mrva:13:MRVA:14:MRVA //displays all MRVA-sectors with defined altitudes
PLUGIN:Display Elements:.lairw:8:* // displays all low airways


If you use this code for testing, you shall delete the commands as they are not recognised.



- After loading the PlugIn and editing the ASR file, you should reload the ASR file in EuroScope. When the PlugIn and the finished ASR file are loaded at the EuroScope startup everything should work well.

- The defined commands can be used by typing them in the command line.

- With the repeated execution the elements will the shown and hidden.



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Really nice feature to have!


How does the the command line work to display a specific STAR with waypoints? is this possible off one command line.


and How does the Radar function work? Is this designed for just one radar being displayed or all of them like (dot) showantenna


In my sector file I have YESKA5

in this STAR, i would like to see YESKA and SOBE fixes at the same time....

Marvin Palmer

vZHU Controller

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Marvin, could you please give me a link to the sct/ese-file. i'll have a look.

Would you like to have shown the STAR including the names of the fixes?


Regarding the radar question: The display works with the asr-file where you included the plugin-commands. You can define different commands for different asr-files (and consequently different radar screens).

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Stefan, I have my sectorfiles on the autodownlaod feature of ES, (PAZA Sector)...but I do not have the asr nor the sct/ese uploaded just yet (stiil working out the issues. And my understanding is I can define several commenads off one line...


ASR reads...

line 1: PLUGIN:Display Elements:commands:.yeska5

line2: PLUGIN:Display Elements:.yeska5:6:.yeska5:1:JOH TED MDO:5:YESKA SOGBE



sct has the above info and (dot) yeska5 keeps the star at the top of the list

Marvin Palmer

vZHU Controller

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aaah, okay.


Unfortunately it is currenty possible only to display 2 different sections per 1 command.

And currently it is not possible to display 2 or more elements per section with completely different names (YESKA SOGBE), only more elements which start with the same characters, like:

PLUGIN:Display Elements:.yeska5:5:YE

... this will show all fixes which begin with the characters YE


But expect Version 1.0.3: Both of your features will be implemented.



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