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Active airport/runway column blank

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Ok, so here's my dilema.


I was always a user of VRC, but have been slowly transitioning to Euroscope. The problem is that the ARTCC i'm under doesn't use Euroscope as their primary client; which means that my modified POF to ESE file isn't really optimized very well. I took it upon myself to start writing my own ESE file based on the contents of the POF file and the tutorial/guide on the Euroscope wiki page.




When i open the "Active airports/runways" window, i'm presented with all the runways in the sector file, but NONE are named/labeled according to what airport they are at. Granted i haven't labeled all the runways in the sector (only the major ones i use/observe), but even those don't show up under the airport column.


Would anyone be able to take a look at these files and see what my issue is please? Or point me in the right direction?



Thanks in advance

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The LOAD SECTOR FILE does not remove everything from the memory in regard to the old sector file. Ideally close and reopen EuroScope when testing things besides the map (like logic, sectors, runways in Active Dialog).


Makes sense now. Because even when I restarted euroscope it would automatically load the old sector file before I could tell it to load the new one because of it autoloading the last profile/asr file used

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