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Private Simulator Sessions

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Hi Guys,


So I like to do Private Simulator Sessions with my Students as i am only S2 I don't have access to Sweatbox. I have been using Hamachi to make proxy connections but for some reason it doesn't work anymore. I was able to do it a few months ago, i didnt need to port forward and everything worked like a charm. But now i can't do anything at all.


I start the "Simulator Server via Proxy".

I type in localhost as the Proxy Server.

Then I start the proxy connection then start the server. (The planes are then visible for me on the ground and everything works normally on my end.)

I tell my student to connect to "VATSIM via Proxy".

Then I give my student my IP from Hamachi so he puts that in the proxy connection and starts the server.

Then an error pops up saying "An invalid argument has encountered".


So that is what i have done months ago which worked and ive tried it again tonight and it wont work now.


Any help would be much appreciated!





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I have heard of Hamachi doing so,e strange things to people's low level network configuration resulting in some programs such as TS3 and Skype not working. Do you have to use Hamachi? Why not just open port 6809 for external access (you may also need to forward it), and just connect in the way described here:


VATSIM UK S2 Rated (Essex RTS)


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  • Board of Governors

Since we seem to have more and more S2s providing training, and providing training is key to the success of our hobby, I wonder if allowing S2s to log in to SweatBox would be considered.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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Hello Csernak,

I've been using the EuroScope 3.1d for a long time and I really appreciate the effort you have put in this software, and I wanna thank you for your brilliant behavior in responding the needs users have told you during these years in V3.2



it's for a couple of days I am using v3.2 and I enjoyed it a lot. it sorts many needs of my training session and in control which was not in the previous version.



for the Off-line Simulator, a questions pops in my mind as soon as I saw you have separated the FSD server.


Cause I am ATC Training Director of VATME Division and Iran vACC INS ,... my Duties are double or maybe triple , so I manage it by inviting some of the trainees of my vACC whom their houses are near to mine and I train them offline.


1) I was wondering!!! if I Start using ES v3.2 does the License you have issued for VATSIM Public usage may limit my home network during the training?


2) Does it needs to connect to Internet to check the license each time we want to use Offline Simulator?



Masoud Asadi

VATME ATC Training Director

Masoud Asadi



VATIR Instructor

[email protected]


Visit: VATIR.ir


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The limitation in this Public VATSIM licence is 2 connections of radar controllers and 2 connections from FSX for Tower View. For a nonintegrated session you may run a server on each computer's instructor. It requires internet access for licence check and it can run without internet access for 2 days thereafter.


If you want integrated training I still suggest using the Sweatbox server online even if it is online.

Eric Bocaneanu

ROvACC Director

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How do I make a private session, with IP address and all that? ES-v3.2

please help me with that. I really need that.




Hi Sharon,

Unfortunately you do not have the correct rating to host a "private" sweatbox session. Sweatbox is for use of mentoring sessions only. If you wish to create your own Hamachi one, unfortunately you also don't have the correct files to create one, only mentors have access to these files and mentors are not allowed to redistribute them.




Many thanks,

Samuel Valasek

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Sharon, what are you going to use a private session for?


- a private FSD server that you'll be running for a vA/Flight Sim group or community?

- to run scenario files to practice towards progression under the UK training scheme?

- something else?


All of the above require completely different ways of setting things up - unless we know what you're going to use it for, we can't help you...

Trevor Hannant

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