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A new kind of virtual airline....

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My name is Grant. I am an aspiring pilot and VATSIM ATC. I also have experiance in web design and server managment. I have a website and software for my Virtual American Airline. Although I know that this airline already exsists, it mainly supports FSX. As many of us use x-plane, I have decided to create Virtual American Airlines X. As I said earlier, I have software, hosting, and experiance. Please take a look below at the positions/pilots/content I will need. If you create content, that content is yours, and will remain that. I will also give percent ownership to those who contribute. However I will pay the bills. In other words, "Ill pay the bills, you bring the skills". Take a look.


Note: This airline is not designed to be owned by me, or anyone else. It is the communities airline, and shall be operated by such members. Off course this page is not a definite outline, as those who fill these positions may have other visions in mind.


Head Trainer- is in charge of other trainers/mentors. You would need to create content to train pilots, according to vatsim ratings and policies, that can rate pilots up to P4. That is content wise. You however must hold a P9 rating. As HT/P9, you would be chief pilot, with ultimate control over the airline. Although hard work in starting, it would get easire. NOTE: Exceptions may be made. Depending on if we want to be a VATSIM certified trainer (awesome) or just user our own rank equivalent s (less awesome). My idea is that CT's give check rides, you p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the exams, and when ready to attempt you VATSIM rating, you would administer this. I could be wrong, as Chief the decision would be yours.


Certified Trainer(s)- aprroved and appointed by Head Trainer. May [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in creating exams and training material. Also can administer check rides. Must be a VATSIM certified pilot. System administrators, and exam staff.


Compliance officer- ensures our training material, and other policies meet VATSIM guidlines. This is a major position, so again, you would have a major say so over the airline itself.


Desinger(s)- May [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in web design if they want to. However their primary goal would be creating logos. They could also create custom aircraft liveries. Overall, they will dictate how everything looks.


Webmaster(s)- Prefer for knowledge in HTML. You/They would ensure the systems work, and the website not only works goods, it looks good.


Beta Pilots- These pilots would, as a group, decide what aircraft our fleet is comprised of, create routes to be flown, and ensure aircraft specifications are correct.


If you feel you can do any of this, or feel you can contribute anything else, do not hesitate to contact me. Or register on the website for the closed beta


Note: It will be obvious to me, if you made large contributions, or went out of your way to help, provided invaluable material, or you are just awesome.


Email: [email protected]

The 8 mile shelf has been removed by aliens, proceed to jail, do not p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] go do not collect $200, texting and flying kills. OSLMACTR VFR professional in the making! My discretion? This is my airspace. Did he just say through? Clouds never hurt anybody. Sometimes you just quit and quit other people. IDK maybe do it. Flying blue for you. I dont always fly VFR, but when I do I fly in a mettle box with chains and monkeys! Mettle? Technically....... That blue circle means! Forget DME, pretty line!

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