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VATSIM Datafeed Blacklist

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Can you become blacklisted from the VATSIM Data Feed?



I'm just wondering as currently VATPAC processes the VATSIM Data every 5 minutes and wondering if we make this lower (say 2 minutes), if the servers start to second guess us if we try and grab the data too frequently




Steven Brown

Director of Events & Communications, VATPAC - VATSIM Australia-Pacific

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If there are several sites running a data query then have them all share one unique "local feed".


What I do is:


Download the data feed in random, to a centralized location. This will distribute the download of data amongst all data servers. The centralized location is available to all sites within the server. Then, each site just needs to load that local file (as many times as it wants).


This way you download the data remotely every two/five minutes and all sites share it locally.

Miguel Frias

Senior Instructor (I3) & Certified Pilot (P4), ZLA I-11 graduate

Portugal vACC Training Director (ACCPT2), VATEUD Operations Director (VATEUD8)



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