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Vatsim Traffic Please Help

Joshua Gibbs 1254895

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Hay guys,

I'm new here and today I installed IVAO for my traffic for vatsim, and can I say it looks great. But when I was in Sydney there was a QANTAS 737-800 but instead it showed up as a Qantas 737-300?

Even though IVAO has installed it.

So to recount I have downloaded IVAO Traffic and just say that there is someone flying a 737-800 for some reason it shows as a 737-300 even though IVAO has installed the 737-800.

And plus I have the PMDG Qantas 737-800 installed, but I thought that that would work but I'm wrong.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks Josh

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Hi Josh, and welcome to VATSIM!


It looks like you've posted in the Fly-In notices board, which is the wrong place to post. If you let us know which pilot client you're using, we can have this topic moved to the correct board, under the Members Helping Members section. Each of the clients has some Subject Matter Experts; once we get this in the right place, the right people will likely be able to ask the right questions and help you better and more efficiently.


In general, though, it's not what the person has in their flight plan that counts, it's what they logged into the network as that counts. And again in general, just because you have a flyable aircraft installed, that doesn't usually help you with model matching, as model matching generally uses AI models.


Again, welcome to the community!

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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Sounds like a problem with model matching. With vPilot, all model matching rules are hard-coded matches between aircraft type and airline reported by the remote client, and model paths (regardless of whether or not they actually exist on your computer). I would recommend (at your own risk!!!) the VMRGenerator tool, which searches your installed AI aircraft and creates the appropriate model matching rules, which should ensure correct and error-free model matching for most aircraft.


NOTE: If you install additional AI liveries/models, or if you remove any, you will need to run the software again before the changes are reflected in vPilot.


NOTE: This tool will not map high-resolution models such as the PMDG 737NGX or the Concorde X. It is not recommended to use high-res models for AI traffic in FSX or P3D since these models tend to take up more memory than low-res AI/default models; given that FSX and P3D are 32-bit applications and can only access 3 GB of RAM, this can easily cause an out-of-memory crash.



You don't need Red Bull to get your wings.

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Hi before you get excited going too far with your own system, first do not discount the fact that the other user has not set up their own client properly, this by far is the biggest and most common problem.


I use the VMR tool and have a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive library of AI, but that is no solution for other users not configuring their own software properly.


First and foremost, there is no relationship between the aircraft type in the flight plan, and the aircraft type ring displayed by the clients.... What does that mean? It means no matter what you have in your flight plan, unless you have configured your own client properly, you could be displayed as anything to another user.


I find FSInn users the biggest culprit of this and they are often the ones that display as ZZZZ in your model matching, mostly because they either use the ignore FSInn.cfg in the folder of the aircraft they are flying, which means the client can't recognise the type, or because they don't know how to access the section to set their own type.


When ever we connect in a client, we are given the option to set up our aircraft, in squawk box it was a bunch of drop down menus, with aircraft types and liverys, and we saved each one.


In FSInn it's done in the advanced settigs, under the option set current pla, this is where you have the boxes you set

Aircraft B738, airline QFA, type L2J (land plane 2 engines jet) and wake category.


In vpilot when you click connect you enter your call sign, aircraft type an selcal code.


These 3 places in each client is what determines what you are displayed as to other users, it has nothing to do with what's in your aircraft type in your flight plan.

Kirk Christie - VATPAC C3

VATPAC Undercover ATC Agent

Worldflight Perth 737-800 Crew Member


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