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Starting SB with all aircraft paused

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I have a scenario set up for arriving aircraft. I have a bunch of aircraft set up at each bedpost for the STAR arrival. Now in 3.1 what I would do is open the Simulator (Training) Dialog Box and on the bottom left would select ALL the aircraft, then select PAUSE beside the STATUS of each aircraft (NOT the simulator status at the top right of the Simulator Dialog. Then I would click RESUME on the top right under simulator status. At this point NO aircraft will move because I paused them each individually when I first clicked pause. Now when the student is ready I select an airplane and release is by clicking GO. I do that for each aircraft.

The problem with 3.2 is I can't suspend each aircraft the same way I did in 3.1 by selecting ALL the aircraft and clicking pause. It seems I would have to go to EACH aircraft on the screen and clicking pause which would be very time consuming when you have 60 planes. Is there a way I can do this with 3.2 exactly like I did with 3.1?

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