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Trouble logging in to XSquawkbox

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Hi all. For the past two days I have been unable to log in to Xsquawkbox using the servers: usa-s1.vatsim.net or usa-s3.vatsim.net or usa-n.vatsim.net. On the s1 login, it states it is full with 12 users and to try another server to balance the load. But, none of the three servers work. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks -Robert.

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None of those three hostnames resolve to valid/current VATSIM server IPs. The list of current server IPs (and other info) is:


EUROPE-CC: Europe Server:1:
EUROPE-CE: Republic:CenterEast Europe Server - sponsored by VACC-CZ:1:
UK:, UK:UK:1:
USA-E: Jersey, USA:USA East:1:
USA-W: Francisco, USA:West USA:1:

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