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RNAV function RF Legs required

patrick MOUQUET 1251779

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Hi Patrick,


this is a very good question!


Regarding the RF-legs I would like to refer you to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Performance-based_navigation

Basically your FMC needs to be able to stay within certain turn-radius limits so you do not overshoot the horizontal path of this procedure. In conclusion you can use any FMC of the current add-on aircraft to perform this approach, since they theoretically all satisfy the RNP-criteria that the AIP is asking for.

The beauty of our hobby is that we can ignore the comment saying "Only the carriers approved by the DSAC can take part in the evaluation" and simply ask for and fly it. Since it is not a PRNAV-procedure you are allowed to insert the waypoints from the AIP and follow them. As long as you know how to insert these waypoints you are good to go. In the real world it is not any different. Actually it is almost a VPT - I fly them a lot into Cannes and Nice.

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