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Calling All ATC! From All Regions!

Joseph Hayat 935940

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Joseph Hayat 935940

Dear All


Its now four weeks! Until Cairo-Bangkok. ATC & Pilot reservations have been coming in but positions are still available! We need all the ATC we can get as the event is lasting for 13hours! NON STOP! FULL ATC! I have been in contact with staff from VATAME & Vatsim Asia and ATC from all divisions are aloud to guest control all though depending on the division they choose they may require a mentoring session. I created the Cairo-Bangkok event to allow countries that have never or are rely open to be online all over VATAME & Vatsim Asia so I would appreciate it if any controllers are available on Sat 8th April 2006. The event is going to be 13hours. There are 13 positions available. 5 DEL-APP positions and 8 CTR positions. Control shall come online on the 8th at 07:00GMT at HECA to depart around 07:30GMT to arrive in VTBD latest 20:15GMT. The below positions are still available although the times that are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned for coming online are the latest the controllers can come online. The recommended closing times are advised to controllers, if they could stay online until that time or later I would very much appreciate it. If you are interested in a position below please visit www.cairo-bangkok.co.nr and click on the ATC Reservations page to reserve your preferred position.


Many Thanks


Joseph Hayat


HECA_DEL 07:00-08:30GMT


HECA_GND 07:00-08:30GMT


HECA_TWR 07:00-08:30GMT Sorry This Position Is Booked By Nik Walker.


HECA_APP 07:00-08:30GMT


HECC_CTR 07:30-08:30GMT Sorry This Position Is Booked By Ali Abou-Zeid.


LLLL_CTR 07:30-09:00GMT (optional) Sorry This Position Is Booked By Izik Bakshi.


OEJD_CTR 07:55-09:25GMT Sorry This Position Is Booked By Ivan Kovacevic.


OBBB_CTR 09:25-10:55GMT


OMAE_CTR 10:55-12:00GMT Sorry This Position is Booked by Alexandre Geahel.


OOMM_CTR 11:25-12:00GMT


OIIX_CTR 11:30-12:30GMT


OPKR_CTR 12:10-13:10GMT


VABF_CTR 12:40-15:30GMT


VACF_CTR 15:00-16:25GMT


VYYF_CTR 15:55-17:55GMT


VTBB_CTR 17:25-18:25GMT


VTBD_APP 18:15-20:15GMT Sorry This Position Is Booked By Brett Susnitzky.


VTBD_TWR 18:15-20:15GMT


VTBD_GND 18:30-20:15GMT

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