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Assistance in setting up a few stuff,

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Hi Jay, and welcome to VATSIM.


Good evening, I just need to know what programs I actually require to operate on VATSIM. Do I require all four programs that are stated on the vatsim.net website or not?

If you're referring to the pilot clients, then no, you certainly don't need all four. All four are listed for legacy reasons; only one is needed (and able to be used) to connect your simulator to VATSIM. Which simulator you use can influence which clients are supported.


As Morten noted above, if you're using FSX, vPilot is the latest pilot client released. Not only is it being actively supported by its developer (something you can't say for FSInn or SquawkBox, for example), but it was actually designed with simplicity in mind. I, too, would definitely recommend you give it a look first (you can always install and try out other pilot clients later).


Also is there a guide on how to get everything set up for VATSIM and how to connect to the network

As far as getting things installed and setup so that you can connect to the network, that would be up to the docomeentation for whichever pilot client you use. The vPilot website has a 'Docomeentation' section that explains the basics through some of the more involved steps such as setting up/tweaking model matching.


There are a few resources available that help explain a variety of topics both specific to VATSIM (things like the top-down ATC heirarchy, where CTR might also be DEL/GND/TWR/DEP as well) as well as those pertaining to aviation in general:


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