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METAR Downloads

Kieran Hardern

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VATSIM provides it's METARs though a web interface for you to download. If you utilise the METAR service or wish to, please have a read of this post to ensure you are using it as intended.




The URLs provided below are the most up to date version. Some legacy locations still exist, which you can continue to use if you wish.


Single request for Gatwick (EGKK):


Request for all airports with ICAOs starting 'EGK' (will return 3 METARs)


Request for all UK METARs (i.e. starting EG)


Request the entire METAR file




If you are intending to call multiple METARs (i.e. more than 5 at once), please use one of the above filters and then select from that file the METARs you require. Feel free to download the entire METAR list if that's the most appropriate option, however making lots of concurrent requests is generally an indication that you've picked the wrong option.


Most METARs won't update more than every 30 minutes - please factor that in when considering how often to check them.

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One more question: Are you getting the metars from one single source or various ones? 

I am asking because for our division, NOAAs metars do not include the RMKs section, which is very important in some airports, while our Meteorologic Office metars does, and no login is required.

Would it be possible to integrate that?

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