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METAR Excessive Usage

Kieran Hardern

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Kieran Hardern

If you utilise the VATSIM METAR system on your website, please have a read of my post regarding the options available to you:




Specifically please consider how many concurrent requests you are making and how often.


The IPs below have been flagged as having make grossly excessive numbers of requests to the METAR system. By this I'm talking in the tens of thousands of requests per day. Considering you can download the entire METAR file in a single request and that METARs don't update more than about once every 30 mins, you can have all the METARs available to you with 48 requests per day.


The record was hit last night, I won't single out the IP, but it was 99,904 individual requests in 24 hours!


If your ARE in the list


If your IP is below you need to re-think how you are calling the METARs and use the ability to obtain more than one at once, if you aren't already. See my post for more details. From this time next week, I will start blocking IPs on this list that continue with "excessive" usage. Feel free to get in touch with me if you recognise your IP and would like me to hold off banning it while you make the appropriate changes.


If you AREN'T in the list


Please have a look anyway to make sure you are following the guidance in my post. Those I've listed below are requesting in the tens of thousands and therefore I've flagged as "grossly excessive". There are still many many sites making an excessive number of requests that I haven't listed below.



Above all, please keep in mind that it's not just you using the system and that we want to keep it available to everyone. Thanks for your cooperation



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