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Russian airport charts mostly in Russian - English charts??

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I have wanted to fly to Moscow, St-Petersburg and eventually other Russian airports using charts but what is available in the VATSIM Russia site are charts with mostly Russian waypoint names and instructions.


I cannot find any charts which are all in English except some limited number of charts which I own thanks to SimPlates 2004.


Are there complete Russian airport charts which are ALL in English? ... it would certainly help.



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Or just try learning Cyrillic....it's fairly easy, and most of the charts are easy to interpret if you take the time. I'm not trying to be condescending, but hoping you will give it a try. Check your local library and pick up a book on Russian. It's fun. I have only picked up a few words here and there, but the cockpit Cyrillic is all pretty easy to translate....


For example, in the TU-154 and most planes, you will see Ð

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I started to learn Hebrew before doing some business in Israel some years ago. I was proud for learning what I had and spoke whenever I could. But when I did, they laughed. I asked, am I saying it wrong? They said, no, it's pretty close to right, but we have never heard Hebrew with a Texas accent before.


Kudos to our Russian friends for setting up such a great environment for all pilots, thanks guys.

Kyle Ramsey



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