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Hi Justin.


Congrats for the software!!!


I use to control in Brazil and a lot of our airports have "~" and " ' " in their names, as Galeão International Airport in Rio de Janeiro. Please, look what happend when I set up an ATIS for SBGL...




GALEãO - ANTôNIO CARLOS JOBIM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (in case the image doesn't show)


I know (and understand) that some word/names in Portuguese soud terrible in English speech synthetizers, but with these extra chars, those names are just too wired.


My sugestion is that chars like ã, õ, ô, ê, ñ, (and other alike) could be changed for a, o, e, n, etc... in the .xml config file, so text and voice ATIS could get better. I checked the .xml file and other airports aroud have the same problem.



Marcelo Duran - C1


Marcelo Duran


VATSIM Supervisor

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