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Incorrect IATA code in text ATIS

Han Cui 1193569

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First of all, congratulations to the developers on this useful software. vATIS is amazing , and nearly all of controllers from our division start use it!


But, some of our controllers reported that the IATA code of ATIS airport in the text ATIS is incorrect. For instance, the IATA code for Beijing should be "PEK", but in the text ATIS, it is "BAA". The following photo is the ATIS I generate for ZBAA.




I realized that this issue is related to the IATA code rule in US/NA. In US/NA, the IATA code is formed by just remove the first letter of the ICAO code. But this rule does not apply to the airport outside US/NA. It would be useful if you could fix this issue.


Again, thank you for offering us such a valuable applicationl

Han Cui (1193569)

Senior Controller (C3) & VATSIM Online Pilot (P1)

VATPRC Deputy Director (VATPRC2)


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