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Can I erase completly IVAO MTL files and start back ??

Richard Boudreault 937955

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Hi ,


every time I connect to vpilot after a while OR when I approach my landing airport it start ti write in red in the box and say that the model ( whatever the livery) doesn't match.

And it last for a while ( bip,bip,bip ) non stop.


Did I install it the wrong way OR I can uninstall it completly and put it back in .


Does ALLLLL the files will be deleted ?



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WEll I install it the way they told me in the videos on Utubes. It took almost 2 hour but imagine that my computer shut down while it was installing so I runned it again and after it finished I tought that everything was right but seems not.

Can I erase it and start it again ? as now my computer is in mode ( never shut down after a certain while lol ).


If I erase it do all the files will erase an then I can re-start the installation ?



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