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I know this is related to various other forums regarding Squawkbox and vPilot etc but it is more of a general query about these things. I was able to download and use vPilot in FSX (my FSX runs horribly on my pc for some reason, i5-3.3GHz, 8GB Ram, GTX560, Win 7, so am using FS9 instead). Squawkbox works great in FS9.


My general question is how do you get the best models to show up using Squawkbosx, vPilot, FSINN or anything else. I'm guessing there is a way to only have loaded whatever models you'd like but vPilot for instance, you download this huge download and it appears to contribute to slowing down FSX.


I'd like to pick maybe 50 models, A320/380, 737,747,757,767, Cessna, Beachcraft, various warplanes, propliners, etc, some fairly standard 50-100 plane set so models at least mimic what they are supposed to be.


Again, if this should go in one of the other forums feel free to move it or I can delete this out and post somewhere else. I'm just really juiced about getting FS9 and FSX set up and running well on VATSIM so I can concentrate on flying.


Thank you.



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the download you get from vpilot only includes "rules" for the client. it doesnt include the actual models, so it shouldnt slow down your sim at all. all its downloading is information on how to use those models. you have to have the models installed for it to use them


you can certainly do your own set, its docomeented in the vpilot docomeentation how to do it. there is also a separate application that will help you do that http://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html

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