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Help with changing account.

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Hey everyone....so here's what's up


I've been using vatsim for a bit and this account isn't under my real name....my mistake as a friend used the same computer to register for vatsim. But now as i go to register my personal account i continously receive the error. Our records indicate that you already have an account .....etc. I in fact don't have an account which resulted in me having to share this account with my friend. Please help me resolve this as i am keen to begin flying under my own account and logging *my* hours. Thanks alot and any help which can be given i wil gladly eceive



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you can only have one account.


if you intend to keep this account, you need to open a ticket with membership to change the name on the account. if you need to change the email, do that one first, its automated


to change your email, go here



to open a ticket with membership, go here


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