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Dubai Mega Group Flight! Discover the Globe With Maharaja!

Shrikar Galgali

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Divided by Nations, United by Aviation!


We at Air India Virtual have planned a very huge MEGA GROUP Flight. Air India Virtual is set to do the world tour and we would like your presence in the Dubai leg. The group flight will be flown over the Vatsim Network.


Links to sceneries and charts will be up soon along with pilot registration forms.

The details of the first Leg is given below. The Flight will continue further also with other VAs and you are also welcome to fly!!!


Name : Discover the Globe with the Maharaja!

Leg No 1:

The Gulf Expedition!

الحملة الخليج!


Date: 21st November, 2014

Day: Friday Night

Time: 14:30Z onwards


The Royal Guests :

1. Emirates Virtual

2. Qatar Virtual

3. Fly Dubai Virtual

4. Etihad Virtual

5. Pakistan Virtual

6. Happy Wings Virtual

7. One World Virtual

8. Air Haul Virtual

9. Worldwide Virtual


Over 40 Pilots have registered!!

And Everyone are More welcome to join since flights are headed to Europe eventually and round the globe


This Event has been also featured on flightsim.net!


We hope your pilots will join the fun and excitement and you will support our group flight.

Thanking you in anticipation of your favorable reply. Revert back at [email protected]/[email protected]


Pilot registrations are open. http://goo.gl/forms/GGBwE7OQ1d


Mirza Samnani

Events Director,

Air India Virtual.



All links to seceries and routes are updated with the registartion form. Enjoy and fly maximum.

Shrikar Galgali

Proud Member of VATWA Division

India vACC


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  • Board of Governors

The event will start at 1430utc onwards so i guess it will last until 17.30

Vice President | Asia Pacific Region
image.png.0fbc2efe758d66615ca0218192f10b82.png [email protected]

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