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Instruction gone wild ...

Philipp Edlich

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Today I had the following chat:


[16:31:47] XXX123*: what?

[16:32:13] >> May I help you?

[16:32:34] XXX123*: u sent this; ZZZ789*, Eurocontrol East, squawk 0255.

[16:33:27] >> on my frequency, yes.

[16:34:03] XXX123*: i'm getting it on my private

*= Callsigns have been modified.


My message reached a pilot that was not in my airspace on private message and it was not stored in my chat history. Was it a problem of ES or the network?

| Enroute Controller |


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Voice pilots sometimes as well I think. During the Frankfurt Overload Event yesterday a colleague and I noticed that kind of weird behaviour in Euroscope.

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