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Eugene Lee 1013514

VATSEA8-VATSEA9 Staff Recruitment

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Dear all,


VATSEA is in a process of resuming normal operations and will like to recruit for the following positions. We invite all interested applicants to send a resume including their background, experience and interests for these positions. The applications are open from now till 30 December 2014, 2359UTC.


Events Director (VATSEA8)


1. Coordinates division-wide events in our VACCs and works with other divisions in regional events.

2. Keeps a log of events in VATSEA division and oversees the implementation of events

3. Engages and guides VACC to ensure successful events

4. Maintain relationships with virtual airlines (acts as liaison).

5. Develop and distribute market materials (graphics, forum posts, news update) to promote events.


Webmaster (VATSEA9)


1. Develop and updates the VATSEA website

2. Manages VATSEA email accounts at the direction of the Director.

3. Technical advisor to the Director.


The applications will be received by Anastasios Stefopoulos (VATASIA1), Eugene Lee (VATSEA1) and Callum Strawbridge (VATSEA3) at [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] respectively. I will like to add that a minimum 2 year commitment period is required to ensure smooth transition in VATSEA.

Eugene Lee

Division Director

VATSIM South East Asia

Member, VATASIA Regional Conflict Resolution Panel

Supervisor / Instructor / Senior Controller

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