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Anastasios Petros Stefopou

Cross The Lake Event- Staff positions vacancy announcement

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Dear members,


Cross The Pacific has been introduced on 21st August 2014 between VATUSA and VATASIA Divisions. It was a successful event with many pilots and ATC participating, giving it a unique taste of how is to fly over the Pacific with full online service.

We would like to strive to make this event an annual event and organize it each time the best way .


VATSIM Asia will be hosting this event, therefore announcing "Cross The Lake Committee" positions vacancy.

Please find the vacancy announcement here


Thank you in advance for taking your time to read through the docomeent and for all members interested, thank you for your application.

Contact at: a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim.net     Visit us at: www.vatsim-asia.net
a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim-asia.net                  specialists.vatsim-asia.net     

How to become a Supervisor?                        image.png.9d72d6c5db2514603ac1131a316fc47c.png


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