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Mark Richards

Jeff Smith steps down as Deputy Regional Director

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It is with much sadness that I announce that Jeff Smith has stepped down as Deputy Regional Director for Oceania Region.


Jeff's real world commitments has seen him have less and less time for activities outside of his work and family and he's gone from having time to be on VATSIM almost every day to only having the time for a quick flight or the odd bit of ATC every few months.


Jeff has been a stalwart of the Region for many years and was instrumental in many of the Iron Mic Awards that both VATNZ (his home division) and VATPAC have achieved over the years.


Jeff has also been coordinating the Pacific Oceanic Partnership, a joint venture between VATPAC, VATNZ and VATUSA, bringing together a standard set of procedures, and a standard training and testing syllabus.


Jeff is ever hopeful that his work/life balance returns to equilibrium in the future and he can once more enjoy his time on the Network.


On behalf of all members of the Oceania Region, I thank Jeff for his time, dedication and support and wish him all the best for the future.


I will be announcing the process for Jeff's replacement in the coming week.




Mark Richards (811451)

Vice President Operations (VATGOV2)

Auckland, New Zealand



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