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Malta vACC Recuiting ATC and Visiting Controller's

Alessio Prencia

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Malta, located between Europe and Africa, rightly

claims to be a stepping-stone to two continents.


We are pleased to announce that Malta vACC is

looking for passionate Air Traffic Controllers to

man various positions within Malta FIR!


Either if you are a new VATSIM Member or an

experienced Controller, please send us an

email with your online background in

VATSIM at [email protected], and send

an application on http://vacc-malta.eu for ATC

Carrier Application or Visiting Controller



New members that will apply, will attend a full ATC training cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] and

receive high quality training from our experienced

training Department.


Alessio Prencia

Malta VACC Public Relation Co-ordinator



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5 hours ago, Felix Haller said:

Hello is this question still valid?

This is a post from 2015 and as far as I recall the vACC isn't longer active and is managed by VATITA at the moment. You can find more info here: VATSIM - VATSIM Italy (vatita.net)

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Division Director, VATSIM Middle East & North Africa  
VATSIM Network Senior Supervisor, Team 5
##  [email protected] 


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57 minutes ago, Felix Haller said:

Thanks mate. I didn’t expect an answer because this is from 2015. 🙂

Hello Felix,

I started my ATC carrer there. Also if is still under vatsim italy now, there is a group interested to rebuild the community.They have also a Discord. Check HERE

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Sometimes things get complicated. ATC on VATSIM as Milano Radar (LIMM_N_CTR) Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/italianalien21


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12 minutes ago, Trevor Hannant said:

Myself and another visitor have been controlling a little there of late.  Anytime we've been on, we've had reasonable traffic levels too so hopefully if more people actually control rather than talking about it, things will get busier.

I think the same. Love flying to Malta and more Atc could increase the traffic. Nice to hear from you!

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Hi everyone,

It's nice to see people interested in controlling Malta! I also have heard voices of people that would like to "get it running" again. My personal opinion however, is that it would make more sense to carry out joint operations with VATITA, since we already have the administrative structures in place (Director, Training Department, Website, Discord, etc.). If someone is willing to contribute to the development of Malta, e.g. contributing to the Sector File, potentially writing SOPs, training people there, etc. can get in contact with VATITA at [email protected] or [email protected] 



Giorgio Tresoldi C3 I1 P1P2P4 ID:967456

ACCIT7 VATITA Membership coordinator

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