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PTT question and Voice server issue

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Hello there,


I would just start this up with the PTT question. Is it possible to make use of a button on my mouse as a PTT key?


Second is the voice server issue that I am experiencing until now. I had this issue first at the 11th. What happened there is that there's one pilot that was not able to hear what I was transmitting to him but other pilots can hear me transmitting all fine. The other controllers we're able to hear what that pilot was transmitting, so it was only me that was not able to hear what the pilot was transmitting.


After that day, it got worse. The voice server that I mainly use is uk.vatsim.net which was working all fine back then. My problem right now is if I use uk.vatsim.net or other voice servers. Pilots are not able to hear me transmitting to them. But as a controller, I'm able to hear the pilots transmitting on my frequency.


So the voice server that I'm using right now, which is voice1.vacc-sag.org is just working fine but pilots does not have a good readability when I'm transmitting. When I was using uk.vatsim.net, pilots always has a better readability. The voice servers that I tried using was uk.vatsim.net; voice2.vacc-sag.org; rw.liveatc.net; rw-asia.liveatc.net; but these voice servers had the problem on my end. The only voice server that works for me is voice1.vacc-sag.org and nothing else. I tried asking other controllers as well, but they don't have a problem with this.


Any ideas why it's like this?

P.S. My hardware setup, and voice communication setup is all good.


Many thanks,


Michael Uy

VATSIM Supervisor

Philippines vACC Manager, Web Services (ACCPHL5)



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I do not really have deep knowledge about how the voice is working as I just lease the voice library. But when you connect to a voice server you only have one connection, one channel. All incoing and outgoing voice data uses that simple connection. So if some are hearing you while others are not it does not seem to be a client related issue. But surely I am just guessing.


EuroScope developer

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I have been trying to find out which "format of PTT key" corresponds to value of PPPT field in PRF file. For example, I have two lines in PRF file that configure primary and secondary push to talk key, for primary PTT it is Left Control, for secondary PTT it is Right Control, but in PRF file are represented as integers:


Voice PPPT 1900544

Voice SPPT 18677760


I need to know, how I can set this value externally. Thanks.


Why? I've been developing second version of application for VACC-CZ, which is used as standardized package for VACC-CZ air traffic controller. New ATC run installation, it install EuroScope, VACC-CZ application, C++ redistributables, .NET framework. After installation ATC run application, it checks updates of standard package (we make changes in package very often - approximatly once a week). Than ATC insert all login data (observer callsign, name, cid, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, rating, server, startup PRF), also ATC can set voice devices, manual or automatical positioning of lists (SEL, SEL, Departure, Metar, ATC, Voice room ...) and everything is written to existing PRF profiles. We use it as our standard and it is good because of standard (we use lot of things and functions and plugins as real ARTCC of The Czech Republic) - instructor and student have same environment, so this is first plus; second plus, that it always updated; third plus, that on real-life events, we can change our chairs because everybody have same EuroScope . But actually I don't know, how to set value of PTT key in PRF .

Bedřich Schindler

IT Director


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Just to make public what I wrote to Bedrich:


I just save the ID of the button sent by the WM_KEYDOWN or WM_SYSKEYDOWN message. I mask it with 0x1ff0000 and that is all:


// if keydown or syskeydown

if ( pMsg -> message == WM_KEYDOWN || pMsg -> message == WM_SYSKEYDOWN )


// get the key

key = pMsg -> lParam & 0x1ff0000 ;

GetKeyNameText ( key, s_key_name, 128 ) ;




I check it by this call:


if ( GetAsyncKeyState ( m_PrimaryPTTKey ))


EuroScope developer

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