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Anastasios Petros Stefopou

Regional Membership Manager - VATASIA3 - Appointed

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Dear all,


VATSIM Asia Region would like to announce the appointment of Alan Cooke 1194659 as the new Regional Membership Manager. Alan brings with him past experience as vACC Director and vACC Membership Director .

Please join me into congratulating Alan on his new position and duties and give your full support as to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist and enhance our members experience.

Contact at: a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim.net     Visit us at: www.vatsim-asia.net
a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim-asia.net                  specialists.vatsim-asia.net     

How to become a Supervisor?                        image.png.9d72d6c5db2514603ac1131a316fc47c.png


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Thank you gentlemen. I look forward to working with you all and helping the Region to flourish. I will in the next few days get round to meeting you all either on Skype,Ts or other media to introduce myself properly.

Alan Cooke


Oceania Regional Director

EC Chairman


Email: [email protected]


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