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AC SIm not remembering Server settings

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Hey Chris and everyone else, thanks for giving us a server to run this on.


Toronto FIR has been using ACsim for over a year now via the PersonalFSD server software program.


I'm trying to switch over to the vatsim server and I can not get acsim to connect. ASRC was not problem.


I enter all the info in to ACsim's setting menu but the program keeps droping the .net off the end of the server IP on me


I deleted acsim along with the ACsim.ini file from the windows folder and still no luck


This what the first like of my ACsim.ini file looks like, I have tried editing the ini file and adding the .net but still not having any luck.




Here is the dumb question now, is there an updated version of ACsim I need? The one I have says v1.0Beta

Dave Weese (CXA007)

Fleet Manager

Canadian Xpress Virtual Airline®


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