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Can't sign up to become a VATCAN controller! HELP!

Justin Koebel 1302424

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I need some help here. So I've been trying to become a controller with VATCAN for over a year and have finally come to the VATSIM forums to get an answer of some kind. I've found several other people on the forums who seem to be having the same problem as I do. I've tried and tried to enter my VATSIM credentials into the VATCAN become a controller section, selecting my preferred FIR (toronto) and my radar client (VRC) but it tells me in the end that my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and ID are incorrect and that if I feel like this is wrong I should contact [email protected] to solve the problem. In the past year I've contacted that email with no such reply. Recently I also contacted the Toronto FIR Cheif of Training(I'm pretty sure at least) to see if they can help as well. A few months ago I signed up with the Houston ARTCC and got my S1 but haven't gone any further into it due to me wanting to join one of the VATCAN FIRs (preferably Toronto) before moving up the ranks. I hope someone of this forum can help me become a VATCAN controller and possibly help sort out my situation. Step by step instructions would be great if at all possible. Finally for clarification I tried signing up for VATCAN before VATUSA but due to the trouble I just went with VATUSA for the time being.


Thank you in advance to anyone who can help and I hope to hear something soon



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