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New VATSIM Oceania Deputy Regional Director Appointed

Mark Richards

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Hello everyone


It is with much pleasure that I announce the appointment of Ray Lang (CID 899884) as the new Deputy Regional Director for VATSIM Oceania, effective 1 March 2015.


Ray joined VATSIM on 10 April 2004 as a Pilot/Observer as a member of the VATPAC Division. He completed his ATC training at VATPAC moving to Student Controller and Senior Student in August and September 2004 and then to Controller in April 2005. When VATNZ was established in 2006, being a New Zealander, Ray transferred to the new Division and continued building his hours online as both a pilot and a controller.


In February 2007, Ray joined the Membership Team as a Data Audit Manager, a position he continues to hold today.


Ray became endorsed to provide Oceanic ATC on Oceanic Flight Service Stations in Oceania in March 2007 and became part of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership with VATUSA.


He was promoted to Senior Controller in March 2007 and then to Instructor for VATNZ in January 2009.


In November 2009, Ray was appointed as a Network Supervisor and in 2012, was appointed as the Senior Supervisor for Team 3.


Ray’s VATSIM career and dedication continues and he was appointed as the VATNZ Divisional Conflict Resolution Manager (DRCM) in January 2013 and remains in that role today.


Since joining VATSIM coming up 11 years ago, Ray has am[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed a VERY impressive 7060 pilot hours, 4500 controller hours and 2450 supervisor hours!


Ray has supported the VATSIM Pilot Training Programme and was awarded his P1 Pilot Rating in May 2014.


Ray’s prime focus as DRD will be to build an active membership in the Region and to further develop and enhance the Pacific Oceanic Partnership between VATPAC, VATNZ and VATUSA. Details of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership can be found at http://pacificoceanic.vatsim.net


With Ray’s appointment, I would again like to acknowledge the work of our previous DRD, Jeff Smith and wish him all the best in his retirement from Management in VATSIM.


Please join me in welcoming Ray to Regional Team and say hi when you see him online as VATOCE2.




Mark Richards (811451)

Auckland, New Zealand



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Thank you Ray for your continuous service to the VATSIM network.


Your experience in multiple VATSIM departments as well as your online hours are truly amazing. Congratulations on VATOCE2!

Michael Mund-Hoym
Assistant to the VATSIM Vice President of Membership
VATSIM Network Supervisor

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Congratulations Ray. It has been a pleasure working with you in the supervisor capacity. I look forward to seeing what you will bring to the Vatsim Oceania region. Best of luck in your new role.

Colin Schoen

VATSIM Senior Network Supervisor

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