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AWE is now AAL

Michael Hatutian 1073781

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There is actually an AAL 319 model referenced in the rule set, so it should be showing the AA A319 for you. What you can do for others is open the model matching rule file in a text editor, and find the section for the types operated by the former US side but not AA (A320, A330, E190 off the top of my head) and copy the line that has the AWE, paste it and change the callsign to AAL. I'd leave the AWE references as I've seen people still filing AWE online (in fact I've seen a USA recently too )


for example:


<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="AWE" TypeCode="A320" ModelName="A320AWE" />




<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="AAL" TypeCode="A320" ModelName="A320AWE" />


This tells vPilot to show the US Airways model instead of the generic at least.

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