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FSInn vs VPilot

Amit Tal 1323853

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I'm a noob in Vatsim but an experienced user in IVAO who wants to expand ATC coverage to other regions (especially North America,) together with IVAO.

I've no problem dealing with new software...but...I got confused with the subject of VPilot vs FSInn.

I understand that the subject has been chewed to death but I really fail to understand what is the way to go if one wants to connect online to VATSIM.

Some say that VPilot is the way to go and others claim it's too basic and FSInn gives all the options (with some technical issues of an outdated software.

In short, for someone who can handle either but just wants the best...which one.

And...one other question if I may...weather...

In IVAO the weather is generated through IVAP (IVAO's software).

Do you have the same thing or should I use ASN and enable it through VATSIM?


Thanks in advance

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Hello Amit,


welcome to VATSIM. Go for vPilot, as it is an actively supported and developed product. Should you find out that it is too basic for your taste, you can still try out FsInn.


At VATSIM weather is generally not generated through pilot clients (except for FsInn, but it is faulty and should be turned OFF), you will have to use a third party weather tool like ASN or FSGRW to get good results.


Have fun and ask if you have doubts.

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In short, for someone who can handle either but just wants the best...which one.


There really is no "best" pilot client, since that is a subjective question. You've already identified the shortcomings of each client, so it's really up to you to decide which one is best for you.


As the author of vPilot, you know which one I would recommend.


One other thing to consider is that vPilot runs externally from FSX, so it doesn't work well if you run FSX in full screen mode, because you have to switch out of FSX in order to see the vPilot window. (That's one reason why full screen users will run vPilot on a separate networked PC.) FSInn doesn't have this limitation as it runs as a module inside FSX.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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Andreas, thank you!


Short and to the point.

VPilot it is and I shall use ASN.




I use FSX windowed so I can use all other aids and exports on the other screen so it's not a problem.

Thank you too and hope to enjoy your software !


Regards for the both of you



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