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New Virtual Airline - MANY STAFF NEEDED

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A new spin on the old virtual airline system is taking flight soon!


vpgonline.org (Virtual Pilots Group Online)



VPG is a new form of Virtual Airline, where members decide which airlines they want to add, and who they want to run them. However, we will need some base staff to get started. I am not going to go into detail, but I will list some positions that need to be filled, and if you think you can fill that position, just say so! I will setup an interview on teamspeak.



- Web Desinger (phpvms) (x2 or x4)

*Needs to have experiance working with phpVMS (skinning)

*PhP/SQL/HTML/CSS are a must


- CTO (Chief Training Officer) (x1)

*Will oversee the ATO part of the airline, and all of the flight instructors

*Extensive Experience with VATSIM, ATC, and diverse aircraft experiance


- CEO (x1) (Manage The operation of executive staff)


- COO (x1)


- Chief Pilots (x4) (x1 American Airlines) (x1 United Airlines) (x1 Emirates) (x1 British Airways)

The 8 mile shelf has been removed by aliens, proceed to jail, do not p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] go do not collect $200, texting and flying kills. OSLMACTR VFR professional in the making! My discretion? This is my airspace. Did he just say through? Clouds never hurt anybody. Sometimes you just quit and quit other people. IDK maybe do it. Flying blue for you. I dont always fly VFR, but when I do I fly in a mettle box with chains and monkeys! Mettle? Technically....... That blue circle means! Forget DME, pretty line!

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