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FSX Steam Edition and vpilot

Tony Manolo 1323805

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Hi, I'm new to VATSIM. I'm using FSX Steam Edition with vpilot. Everything works fine except for the ability to transmit while the FSX window is the active one. I can receive just fine, but to transmit, I have to click on the vpilot window to make it active and then transmit. Otherwise, it won't work and it's receive only. I've had to do that the last two times I flew FSX steam edition. Luckily FSX continues to fly in the background without pausing, but I prefer not to do it that way. When I use the box version, it doesn't have this problem, only with steam edition. And I prefer not to go back to the box version. Does anyone fly FSX steam? And, is anyone experiencing the same problem and what's the solution if any? Thanks.

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