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Aircraft recommendations? A330 and the like

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I've been thinking about starting to do longer flights, including flights that cross the Atlantic. I would like to be able to fly one of the A330/340/350 planes, and that's where I've been doing some research. The ones I've been looking at are:


  • JarDesign A330
  • This A330-300 which I think is the JetSim one despite the product code indicating RWDesigns
  • FlightFactor A350 XWB Advanced


Now, they all have their limitations, apparently. The JarDesign one has pretty much the same FMS as their A320neo has, except that in the A330 it also supports lat/lon waypoints. It doesn't, however have an FMS page that would neatly contain all the information needed for an oceanic position report. There's also still no time/speed constraints or FMS support for step climbs, but I think I could live with that.


The Jetsim A330 on the other hand seems to be suffering from crashes and other issues. The developer hasn't responded to queries since January, so I'm wondering if these will ever get fixed. From what I gather, the FMS is quite well done but I'm not sure about the limitations.


The FlightFactor A350 looks really nice but has some odd limitations. There's "very limited" support for SIDs and STARs (meaning they have to be configured in an odd way and I'm not sure how exactly). Apparently, you can enter a flight plan to the FMS directly, but the thing doesn't support airways and you need to manually enter every waypoint which sounds like a big pain in the rudder.


On top of all this, my computer is a Mac, and all of those planes appear to have some issues of the crash-to-desktop variety on Macs.


So, my question to you fellow X-Plane Vatsimmers is: what plane would you recommend for me? If you have experience with the planes mentioned here, I'm eager to read it. If you can recommend other aircraft (including non-Airbuses), that's welcome, too. Freeware and payware are both ok. Please indicate your operating system, because of the apparently common Mac issues.


Thanks in advance!

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Okay, so no replies. That actually tells me something: not many of you probably have experience with these planes either, which caused me to worry a little more about spending money on them. I ended up purchasing the Boeing 777 instead. I've done a few test flights on it, and so far I like it very much. I'll be doing my first 777 flight online today I think


The only thing is, there's an airline whose routes I like to fly, and their RW fleet is all Airbus. I decided that it shall not be a problem for me, and I will be flying their routes in the 777, too.


Even though there weren't any replies to my original post, thanks to everyone who bothered to read it!

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Thanks Josh and Philip. In the end I figured out that the JAR is the most advanced and complete of those aircraft. However, I could not pay the full price for an aircraft that is still specified as a beta on the OS I'm running. Had there been a discounted price on OSX, I just might have tried it.


So. I took the 777 for a flight today, decided to get more practice before going online, so I flew offline. And it crashed. Crashed as in software error, not crashed as in uncontrolled landing. Oh well, I'll try again another day.

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If you want quick replies to any almost any Xplane Question, the place to go is www.facebook.com/groups/Xpdedicated


This is a family friendly group that has some strong values such as no bad language, no one is made to feel stupid and no one will shout at you for asking a million questions.


Come and like us on the above link.


Wycliffe Barrett Vatsim c3, CEO of Xplane Dedicated.

Wycliffe Barrett: C3 Controller


"if god meant for us to fly, he would have given us tickets" Mel Brooks

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