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Network error: EndReceive failed Vpilot

Claire Barton 1072708

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How stable is your internet? Something is interrupting the connection to VATSIM. It's in the pipe between the server and your computer. It could be caused by server interruption, intermittent internet connection, router issue, power issue affecting the router, etc. A large number of variables/possibilities. Ernesto is correct that most people who have reported persistent EndReceive issues have reported that rebooting the router resolves the issue (though some members report it is an intermittent resolution).

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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try to ping the server, see what you get back. if its a very high number, id say if its not router, your connection itself may be weak or intermittent.


the only time ive had that issue was once when my connection was weak, which my ISP tried to fix from their end by boosting my signal. that still didnt work and they had to come and replace the cable lines to fix it. that did fix it.


the other time was within the last couple months, they were doing some work on the lines in my area and signal was off and on during that time.


if your ping comes up bad, it may be worth giving your ISP a ring to see if they spot anything

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Hi .

Today i logged on to the network with Vpilot , using server uk1 vpilot version is v1.1.5678.20264 beta.

logged on at [09:40:45]

Started my flight from SBSG in brazil , so i used there unicom of 123.45.

Transmitted mi first unicomm at [10:00:03]

last unicom message at [10:15:14] saying climbing to fl210

Then i got this message :-

[10:28:24] Network error: EndReceive failed: (10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

[10:28:24] Disconnected from network.

i managed to reconnect at [10:28:33]. what the heck is going on,i am on a world tour using the carenado PC12 which has been given an extra fuel capacity of 200 gallons like emelia rose earhart had in her PC12NG round the world tour , i dont need this headace of server errors.

regards alan.

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