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Position Vacant - Kingston FIR DATM [E2DATM]

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Deputy Air Traffic Manager


The Kingston FIR is seeking applications from well qualified candidates for the

following position. Applications will close on 30 September, 2015.


Position Title: Deputy Air Traffic Manager (DATM)

Position Type: Executive/Administrative

Weekly Hours: 5 - 10 (Flexible)

Reference #: E2DATM




The Deputy Air Traffic Manager is second to the Air Traffic Manager and is equally

responsible for the oversight of the Kingston FIR, especially in the absence of the

Air Traffic Manager. The Deputy Air Traffic Manager reports any updates or

amendments to the Air Traffic Manager as soon as possible. As such, the Training

and Marketing Directors consults the Deputy Air Traffic Manager before any

updates or amendments to their respective departments. In addition to this, the

Deputy Air Traffic Manager is also responsible for ensuring that every member of

the Kingston FIR, whether he or she is a certified controller or a member of our

social networking counterparts, are not in violation of any of the Kingston FIR,

VATCAR, or VATSIM policies. Accepting the position is an acceptance of a 1 year

contract. Details on the position follows.


Outline of Responsibilities

• [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with training new and existing controllers

• [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with events and FIR marketing

• [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with web development and facilities management

• Maintain roster and indoctrinate new controller applicants

• Maintain forums and social networking presence

• Maintain phone, email, forum, and teamspeak availability for communications

• Maintain an online presence on the VATSIM network

• Produce monthly reports on FIR activity

• Represent the interest of the FIR to VATCAR as frequently as possible

• Liaise between various departments in the FIR

• Develop programs to improve the professionalism of the FIR

• Develop external relationship with other Virtual FIRs, and Virtual Airlines


Critical Competencies


• Attention to detail and quality

• Patience

• Interpersonal Ability

• Professionalism

• Problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking abilities


Qualifications & Experience

• Minimum S3 Controller Certification.

• C1 Controller Certification preferred.

• I1 Instructor Endorsement preferred.

• Minimum 1 year active VATSIM membership.

• No previous VATSIM disciplinary history.

• Current Kingston FIR/VATCAR staff members preferred.

• Current Kingston FIR controllers preferred.

• Intermediate computer skills/abilities preferred.

• Excellent technical report writing ability.

• English proficiency (other languages welcomed).

• Comprehensive understanding of Kingston FIR, VATCAR, and VATSIM policies.


Expression of Interest

All persons interested in the above position may express their interest at

[email protected]. Please put the reference number E2DATM with your name

e.g. E2DATM - John Doe to ensure that your email get placed in the correct inbox.

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