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3.2 3 scrope setup modifying temp. alt, speed etc. on proxy

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Hi all,


I run ES with two screens on PC 1. and a third on PC 2.

The main is running on PC1. All works fine there.

The 2. on PC1 and 3. PC2 are connected via the proxy server.


On 3. window (on PC 2) I am not able to set temporary alt, speed or heading. Doing it on the main screen works fine.

Anyone else experience this?

Any way to avoid this problem?





Stephen Slot Odgaard



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It happens only when you connect via proxy to a running session. Be sure to connect to the proxy server first and only after that connect the main client to the server. Otherwise the proxy client misses the data that it is a session when connected as controller and not as observer. Observer has no right to change anything.


EuroScope developer

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