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Any VA's With Straight-To 737s?

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Your best bet is to go to a Southwest Airlines group since they exclusively fly 737s.


While that is true, it does have a draw back. If you have aspirations of flying larger aircraft, you'd have to search for another VA.



Scott DeWoody

CEO - American Virtual Airlines

joinava dot org


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Michael Tran,


By telling us you want to fly 737s, you have not mentioned to any prospective VA which geographic area of the world you want to fly??


If you say only Europe, European based VAs will pitch to you.


If you say you want to fly only in Caribbean, you will see Caribbean based VAs making pitch to you.


And so on.


Of if you cannot wait, Vatsim has a section listing all VAs subdivided into specific geographic areas of the world making it easy for you to search to find VA in your favorite geographic area that you want to fly within. Click on this Vatsim site for list of VAs: https://vasops.vatsim.net/


Regards, Aharon

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