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[SEP 25 2300-0300Z] First Fall FNO - Miami Style

Josh Glottmann

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In case you happened to miss out on Miami Live last weekend, we have another event coming up to mark the beginning of fall!

The First Fall FNO is taking place on September 25th from 2300-0300Z (1900-2300 EDT).

Although fall doesn't really exist in Miami, we're still welcoming the season to the Northern Hemisphere!


Here are some useful resources for flying into Miami:

Pilot Tips

Pilot FAQ

Airport Information and Charts

Scenery and Pilot Downloads

Real World Routes

Be advised, we recently had some SIDs/STARs update, the changes are insignificant. Most SID changes reflect a new "Top Altitude" box (which displays the initial altitude) and most STAR changes reflect the renaming of TMB to "Miami Executive Airport".

Please file valid routes which include SIDs and STARs (it makes our controllers' jobs easier).


Join us for this great event in Miami, where it's still unbearably hot in the fall!

Feel free to leave feedback after the event if you enjoyed it.

Josh Glottmann
Deputy Air Traffic Manager
Oakland ARTCC
[email protected]

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