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New VATEUR Deputy Director (VATEUR2)

Apostolos Damkalis

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Dear All,


I am delighted to announce that Martin Tiefenbacher (1092003), has been selected for the position of Deputy Regional Director (VATEUR2).


Martin has given a lot to Austria vACC, in his time as ATC Training Director, also supporting the network as a Supervisor.


I would also like to thank Stephan Reitinger again, for the effort he put into VATEUR as Deputy Regional Director.


To unsuccessful applicants and any other people in general who want to see this Region grow, do not keep your thoughts to yourselves, get involved, engage with other members and your staff team so that we can get more people online using the abundance of wonderful freeware and payware sceneries and excellent ATC on the network.


Please join me, in congratulating Martin, on taking on this huge and important task and to offer him all support possible in making Europe Region, even busier, better and more fun for all in years to come.

Apostolos Damkalis

VATSIM Supervisor Team Leader

Regional Conflict Resolution Panel Chairman,Europe


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