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Are you running your sim as an administrator? vPilot as an administrator?


These are the first things I thought of:




From the vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide:

Tips and Tricks

1. Read the docomeentation first! Especially the sections on model matching (read them twice!).

3. If you use UAC and use a keyboard PTT, DO NOT install vPilot as an administrator, but once installed, if you run FSX/P3D as an administrator, run vPilot as an administrator. Joystick PTT works fine with or without running as an administrator.

4. If you run FSX/P3D as an administrator, you must run vPilot as an administrator.

5. If using Windows 8, ensure you have full control permissions on the vPilot folder.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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