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VATUSA Has Not Stopped Having Events EVERY Day!!

Aharon Dayan

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Shalom and greetings all my pals,


November is coming in few days and VATUSA has NOT stopped daily events EVERY DAY for the coming new month of November!! VATUSA starts off with first week of November by having Vatsim events EVERY DAY!!!!


Check out amazing schedule of DAILY events of VATUSA as seen below:


11/01: Staff It up Sunday!! KSAV

11/02: Monday Madness Crossfire

11/03: BVARTCC: GA Fly In - Northeast (K...

11/04: VFR OPS: Juneau

11/06: FNO: DIA 20th Birthday Bash

11/07: Southern Regional Night

11/08: Northwoods Expedition


Amazing, isn't it? Oh by the way, Puerto Rico although part of America but is under ATC responsibilities of VATCAR, not VATUSA is having Vatsim event on 10/30 too!!!


Oh by the way, VATUSA is NOT having event on 10/31. Why? Apparently, Vatsim controllers cannot handle traffic of witches flying on their brooms





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  • Board of Governors

Probably more like we couldn't handle the witch-like reaction we'd get if we told our wives that we can't take the kids out trick or treating AND we can't hand out candy at the door... because we're too busy on a VATSIM event. You can't imagine the kind of evil THAT would bring!

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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Yep, I definitely should have included more context since I wasn't actually talking about the Halloween thing


The Denver FNO is advertised as finishing up at 0400z, but the WF train is scheduled to arrive some two hours after than. Thought it might be something the guys organising the event might want to consider if they haven't already.

David Zhong

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